2018 Nominations

In 2018, the BRAVO Business Awards will celebrate 24 years of recognizing the region’s most influential leaders and their contributions to the Western Hemisphere.

Each year, a diverse group of leaders from government and business, as well as mavericks in the non-governmental, environmental and humanitarian fields are nominated. We narrow the list of candidates, consulting with past honorees of the prestigious Award, international executives, government officials and leading academics.

Finally, we narrow down the list of finalists and select the recipients of the BRAVO Business Awards for their leadership and their contributions to progress in the Americas.

Winners selected will be honored at the gala awards ceremony, which takes place in Miami in the fall of 2018.

We invite you to nominate and help shape the 2018 BRAVO Business Awards!

Please fill out the form below to nominate a candidate for the 24th BRAVO Business Awards:

Welcome to the 2018 BRAVO Business Awards Nominations

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Categories awarded vary from year to year, based on the nominations received.


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Description of Main Categories

Leader of the Year: A head of state who has demonstrated a trajectory and an ability to promote trade, investment and development.

Innovative Leader of the Year: The government official who has enacted the farthest-reaching reforms, impacting a country’s economic or public arenas.

BRAVO Legacy Award: An individual who has transformed the region through a lifetime of dedication to the overall economic and social development of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Lifetime Achievement Award: An individual who has demonstrated consistent, exemplary performance and lifelong commitment to Latin America and the Caribbean.

CEO of the Year: The executive who has increased profits and sales as well as developed new international markets for a Latin American company with more than US$1 billion in annual sales.

Dynamic CEO of the Year: The executive who has impacted a Latin American company’s success through dynamic and progressive strategies, leading the company’s expansion to new industries and/or markets.

Visionary CEO of the Year: The executive who has impacted a Latin American company’s trajectory, through a long term, strategic vision.

Young Leader of the Year: The young executive who is inspiring Latin America’s business world through innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and who will shape the region’s future.

International CEO of the Year: The multinational executive who has increased profits and sales in Latin America as well as developed new markets for a multinational in the Americas.

Social Responsibility CEO of the Year: The corporate leader who has instituted the most effective social responsibility efforts in Latin America.

Environmentalist of the Year: The individual who has done the most to promote environmental preservation in the region.

Financier of the Year: A public or private sector financier whose efforts have generated profits as well as led to increased access to financing.

Humanitarian of the Year: The individual who has displayed a passion for life and a sincere desire to work toward enhancing the lives of others and has made significant social contributions in the region through his/her work, leadership and philanthropy.

Investor of the Year: The individual recognized for being a key player in creating investment opportunities and a leading contributor to the development of ventures that highlight the strength of the business landscape in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Technology Leader of the Year: The innovator whose efforts have had the greatest impact on technology development in the Americas.